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Pinduoduo Inc. (Chinese: 拼多多; Pinyin: Pīn duōduō) is the largest interactive e-commerce platform in China and in the world. It is the second-largest online marketplace in China by number of users and number of orders. It is also one of the world's largest internet companies. It has pioneered several new trends including social e-commerce, team purchase and consumer-to-manufacturer (C2M) that have revolutionized online shopping in China. Pinduoduo ranks just behind Alibaba Group with close to 600 million users and recorded 1 trillion yuan in GMV in under five years. Getting to the same scale took Alibaba 10 years to achieve. It has been said that “to understand the success of Pinduoduo is to understand the future of global e-commerce.

A current software engineer shared in a review "This is whats wrong with Pinduoduo. Theres No standardized developing process, work hours are too long, over 12 hours every day 6 days per week and theres no clear career for green hand"


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